In A Bankruptcy? Need a Car?

With the help of your bankruptcy attorney, we can help you begin the process of reestablishing your credit TODAY! We have lenders that will give you a loan while you are in bankruptcy and you do not have to wait to be discharged.

With most of our bankruptcy loans, you do not need money down! We will not make empty promises or take advantage of your situation. We want to involve you in every part of the decision. You sh6uld be allowed to choose a vehicle and a payment, which best fits your needs.

Your deal with us will include the following:
l.    Your needs first
2.    l00's of NEW&.USED vehicles to choose from
3.    Work directly with your attorney if needed
4.    National Credit Reporting
5.    Time to breathe

Go to our credit application to get started today. Your approval will not take long. Please call us directly if you just want to ask a few questions. We consider ourselves top-notch professionals and we consider you an honored guest in our home.

We finance bankrupty customers for auto loans